Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Clinique Mineral Makeup

You guys know I love my Smashbox mineral makeup, with its awesome delivery system by which you shave off just the amount you need--so much neater than traditional mineral makeups, which just get everywhere, especially when you try and travel with them.

Well, Clinique has entered the mineral makeup fray with their Superbalanced Makeup, which has identical packaging to my Smashbox fave. And it's $34.50 for 18g, versus the Smashbox, which is $59 for 21g, so it's quite a bit cheaper. My friend Shelly, a girl who knows her makeup and a fellow mineral makeup devotee (she got me into bare minerals to begin with), tried this and really likes it.

Here's the thing: the Smashbox version has all sorts of vitamins and antioxidants in it, and supposedly reduces the appearance of wrinkles. And I feel like it really works! My skin responds really well to it. And I feel like my skin really glows after I use it. So I'm not sure if the Clinique version will do the same thing or not. But at that much of a price difference, I think I'm going to try it once I run out of Smashbox. If anyone has used the Clinique version, or if you've used both Clinique and Smashbox, let me know what you think!


Indiana Adams said...

Oooh! I used to work for Clinique in college. Loved them to bits! I must check this out, but just found out Highland Dillards no longer has a Clinique counter. Boo hoo. That was the closet Clinique counter to me.

kem said...

Sephora is carrying Clinique now too, if you don't feel like driving to another mall. Which, on another note, Sephora is in JCPenney now!