Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh DVF. How I love thee.

Yet another fabulous email came in from Saks the other day and I have purposely left it in my inbox so I can stare longingly at another beautiful Diane Von Furstenberg creation. This woman designs just absolutely stunning and amazing dresses. She really just understands what looks good on a woman's body and incorporates amazing prints and silhouettes.

I was literally speechless when the email came in featuring this new DVF masterpiece.

I tried to find it online, but apparently I am not the only one who loved this dress since you can only preorder it from Saks (and in a print which I am not exactly in love with). I love the drapery of the fabric, and especially in the back, where I feel like a lot of designers ignore the "walkaway" look. I want people to be just impressed when I walk away as when I walk towards them. I also think the plunging neckline is sexy without overdoing it. And really, its a great flattering fit, where I wouldn't feel like I was bulging out everywhere. I could see myself wearing this on the streets of Greece in summertime. Unfortunately, I can only love DVF from afar or at my desk, since this dress costs a cool $495. Oh, and if you want to look exactly like the model, you can also pick up those great Jimmy Choos she is sporting on her feet for another $950. So, for the low, low price of $1,445, you too can look like the girl who popped in my inbox the other day.


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